Professional translation Service

Through qualified and experienced translation services, which you will need during your corporate and individual work, with our editors and designers at the time of request, with trend design, quality translation service We.



Professional communication consultancy with demand-oriented work strategy, quality product, to remember that development is through research, business ethics and honesty is a "sine qua non" condition and a world player who is conscious of giving power to our country Is our most fundamental principles.



We are in the advertising industry with our "Enagile" brand. With our professional team, we provide only design, software and advertising activities, as well as contribute to your development with our professional strategy.


Construction Contracting

We combine companies with contracting companies operating in the construction sector of our country in joint investments. We have experience in both domestic and overseas, business and shopping centres, industrial facilities, office buildings, hotels, prestige structures and projects as contractors. In order to fulfill this function in the most reliable way, the company is planning and design, we take part in each area and stage of the structure.


Real Estate Consultancy

While buying, selling, renting or providing financing for real estate; The determination of the legal, technical and physical data, scientific, accurate and rapid direction of the investment decision according to the outcome, the reliability of the investment and the return of the time period with the correct investments in our services We make you win.


Social Security consultancy

The framework of the services we provide in the field of labour law and Social security is quite wide. We are ready to cooperate with the consulting services we offer to resolve your problems and potential risks at the source and delay...

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